Dispute Resolution

Bring an on-going construction dispute to a conclusion

Several of our team are accredited and experienced in the determination and resolution of disputes as arbitrators, adjudicators, mediators, expert determiners and dispute board members.

International and Domestic Construction Arbitration
Arbitration provides parties with a final, binding and enforceable decision.

Adjudication was introduced by the UK Government in 1998 as a fast and cost-effective way of resolving payment disputes in construction contracts.

Mediation is a voluntary, and confidential forum where an independent mediator aims to resolve disputes and guide the parties to a settlement.

Dispute Boards
Dispute Boards often feature in high-value and complex construction projects.

The primary aim of a dispute board is to avoid and prevent disputes. However, where this is not possible, disputes are referred to the board for a binding decision under the contract. Some of the team at Sense Studio sit on Dispute Boards for significant, complex and high value international infrastructure projects.

Expert Determination
Expert Determination is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). An expert is appointed to consider a matter and provide a decision, based on their own technical knowledge and industry experience. The decision will normally be binding – the objective being that it resolves or concludes the dispute.

Sense Studio experts have a balance of technical know-how and practical experience. This experience is coupled with an understanding of legal processes to ensure a fair and reasoned decision is given with proper regard to the process.

We can help you resolve disputes and secure positive outcomes with the confidence an expert peer has reached an independent decision.