Dispute Expertise

Access technical expertise to support a construction dispute

Construction projects are complex. They bring together a diversity of people, disciplines, products and systems. These interfaces can deliver unintended consequences leading to disagreements and disputes that can lead to litigation and legal claims.

Sense Studio’s advice can be used to inform you on the risks in either prosecuting or defending a claim. We investigate issues to identify cause and effect, and provide you with robust independent opinion for formal dispute resolution proceedings, such as arbitration or litigation. Our team can also support you in less formal procedures, such as mediation in construction disputes.

Architect Expert Witness & Litigation Support
Sense Studio are regularly appointed as Architect Expert Witnesses by barristers, solicitors, insurers and other parties involved in construction projects.

Forensic Investigation
Sense Studio are appointed by building owners, contractors, sub-contractors, construction firms and professionals to carry out forensic investigations on a spectrum of topics:

Technical Audits & Advisory Reviews
Sense Studio deliver advisory services and undertake technical audits on construction and architectural projects for a range of clients. This has included: insurers and their insured, contractors and prospective property purchasers and other professionals.

Technical audits are tailored to each enquiry and they typically comprise a review of design information, often to verify compliance with relevant building codes and standards. Audits can also be carried out on completed buildings to verify compliance with contract documents and regulatory construction requirements.