Architect Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Sense Studio are regularly appointed as Architect Expert Witnesses by barristers, solicitors, insurers and other parties involved in construction projects, legal proceedings and litigation.

Our team of highly qualified and hugely experienced architect experts, provide independent and neutral opinion on matters in dispute, based on a thorough and careful analysis of all available evidence.

When you appoint us in the earliest pre-action stages, you will receive advice that can help assess the risks in taking the case forward. As disputes develop, our reports are used in formal legal proceedings and we are accomplished in giving oral architect expert evidence as witnesses in hearings, under cross examination.

We have extremely experienced architects within our team, with international construction industry experience, as well as knowledge of the appropriate legal processes to deliver high quality expert witness advice tailored to your specific case. This ensures that the issues are focussed and relevant for more effective and successful resolution of the litigation or dispute.