Who We Are

Construction projects are typically long-term commitments, featuring high-levels of uncertainty and complexity. It is often impossible to resolve every detail or foresee every problem. This makes the industry one of the most conflict-prone. When disagreements do arise, they are costly and disruptive to everyone involved.

Founded in 2012 and operating internationally from our London base, Sense Studio, a part of J.S. Held, provides an extensive range of dispute avoidance, expert and resolution services to the construction industry and legal profession. Our services frequently help clients avoid prolonged legal proceedings, or help to ensure a timely resolution of a dispute.

In March of 2021, Sense Studio joined J.S. Held, expanding the firm’s resources and suite of services. For more information about J.S. Held, visit JSHELD.com

Our team is comprised of internationally recognised registered Architects and as a specialist company we can provide:

Most of our team of specialists have undertaken additional legal training. This means that as well as being able to master technical issues, we can also appreciate the legal context in which we operate. Lawyers, counsel, developers, contractors and insurers rely on us knowing that our team has a rare and valuable combination of skills.

You will find us to be friendly and robust, thorough and flexible, candid and tactful. Our team keep up to date with the latest insight and technical knowledge to deliver you a service that reflects the very latest best practice. We strive to see every side of an issue and go that extra bit further, so we are able to offer you a perspective others miss.

We understand that how we act will affect the experience you receive.

See the whole story

Our approach is to see every side of an issue or dispute, carefully weighing all the evidence before giving opinion. You will receive unbiased and neutral advice from our team that will help you weigh up all of the risks.

Communicate with candour and clarity

You can rely on us to be clear, sincere, and open minded. We present our detailed analysis in an appropriate and understandable manner.

Strive to become elite, but never elitist

We work tirelessly to deliver a robust and world-class service. We thrive on the feeling of a job done extraordinarily well with humility and the absence of arrogance.

Be diligent

You can count on us to honour our commitments. We are a dependable and reliable “safe pair of hands”.

Our Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Association for Consultancy and Engineering
Architects Registration Board
Civil Mediation Council
International Chamber of Commerce
Royal Institute of British Architects

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